21 July 2006

Bye Bye Ad-Sensense

I changed my Ad-Sense ads to Bid-Vertiser last night, I've lost my Ad-Sense password anyway and never made anything from them. Maybe these ads will make me some more money, though I'm not expecting miracles and making money isn't the main aim of this blog, but it would be nice!

I've read a few blogs recently about making money from your blog, basically all they suggest is placing ad's on your site. From what they say I need to put more on here to make any money, but I think if someone's going to click on your ads they'll do it no matter how many there are and too many on a site is off putting.

I've noticed the Bid-Vertiser ads aren't as targeted as Ad-Sense, but the targeted ones weren't working anyway so what the hell. I'll report back in a month or so if I seem to make any more with Bid-Vertiser, their payment methods seem to be fairer so hopefully I will.


Mark said...

I know what you mean. Adsense can work really well on some sites, but with blogs the money you get per click is so low, it's hardly wrth it. Or that's certainly my experience. I'm sure people who blog about finance and viagra will have a different view (wow, this'll sound like a spam comment...), but the ads I attract on my blog aren't worth the space on te whole.

Have you tried the targetted amazon adverts? Again, I've had no luck at all with these, but they seem like a good idea in theory.

Harry said...

Ad-sense is good when you have large traffics.

Unfortunately it's hard to amass that kind of traffic with most blogs.