20 July 2006

Thursday Cat Entry

I've decided to make Thurday the day I post pictures of my cats so the blog doesn't become over run with Pictures of them. This isn't a cat blog after all, so here's the first Cat Thursday.

Here's another Picture of Gizmo, she's on the fireplace in the house next door.

Tabitha, originally uploaded by nancyrowina.

Here's a Picture of Tabitha my other cat who's harder to photograph as she doesn't stay still that much, she's more nervous than Gizmo.


dawn said...

LOL... Sounds like my Abby. She is watching, always watching everything that happens. I cant sit down on the sofa without her running out of the room.

raven said...

Your cats are beautiful!

Daniel said...

Does everybody on the planet have a cat called Gizmo ? ;)

Nancyrowina said...

I didn't actually name her I got her at 6 months old and she already had the name.

She must have really looked like the little thing out of gremlins when she was a kitten so it does suit her.

heather said...

Picking a day of the week to post cat stuff is a clever solution. I might do the same with my blog. :) I love your cat photos though!