30 August 2006

Review of "Lucille" The Lucid Dream inducing software.

I promised a review of the Lucid dream software from the free pagan software site I linked to in an earlier post.

I installed it and it worked well, all it does is put up a little window every hour (You can set the time interval) with a question. Apparently it works by making you think in a way that helps you to have lucid dreams. It worked for 2 days but I found my computer kept crashing after I installed it, so I had to uninstall it. It did say it was designed for windows 98 and I'm running on XP, don't know if it was just my computer or if it would do this to everyone. If you want to try it do as even if it crashes your computer it doesn't damage it and is easy to uninstall.


Guinchogirl said...

Thanks for your comments sweetie! I'm going to try for 25peeps.com too, just got to get a decent pic :)

Bianca Roland said...

I've lucid dreamed twice. Both times mostly spontaneous. It was cool.