4 September 2006

Steve Irwin has been killed by a Stingray

I was deeply saddened this morning to hear of Steve Irwins death, early reports say he was stung by a Stingray, which isn't normally lethal but he was hit right in the chest so this must have caused a heart attack or actually pierced his heart.

I've always followed what he's been doing and had a deep respect for the fearless way he approaches animals with lethal venom, and am struck by the irony he was finally killed by an animal that isn't normally lethal. The post title is a link to the yahoo news story if you'd like more info about the actual event, this post is more of a tribute to him, my heart goes out to his young family and I wish them well for the future.

UPDATE- Here's a link to a nice obituary written by the BBC

I've also noticed in my stat counter readings that lots of people have come here looking for pictures of his death, if you are you have come to the wrong place, I would NEVER Post any of these pictures even if they existed because they would break my heart and everyone elses I know on the Isle Of Wight. He was a Legend! If you are here looking for them you are a sick bastard!


Jen said...

It's not irony.. It was waiting to happen in fact I'd go so far as to say that the animal kingdom had a bounty on his head. He's s slippery little bugger for avoiding death for so long :-]

Anonymous said...

I loved Stevo and his little Dog sewie...We are big fans of him and his family, I hope his little girl picks up where he left off....ON THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN FLOOR!!!..

LOL Iam just kidding thats a sad event, we are pissed at him for being so stupid though, we miss the show and him..the world does..

ITs called :
See any retard knows enough not to get so close to dangerous things, if you are with in "stricking distance" of a bear, expect to get stuck, same thing as a lion, if your stupid enough to get out of your car at the lions safaria, you'll notice just befor you get your leggs ripped off that you where with in stricking distance, each animal has its own circle of pertection, you get with in that "arms length" circle, you get struck...stevo was just that, with in stricking distance, the animal felt unprotected, and stuck.

So Class :) leson learned, stay out of sticking distance...Thanks Stevo for that life lesson..fucking wanker