20 August 2006

Sorry About The Lack Of Posts

I've been very busy I finally found a guitarist who wants play Sandy Denny Songs While I sing so we've been rehersing.

I've also been finding out about the copywrite situation on the songs I want to perform, turns out I'd only have to pay a fee per song if I wanted to record them, but it isn't very much so when I can afford it I'll do it.

I only want to record about 4 of the songs anyway so it shouldn't be too expensive for me. So as soon as were good enough to record and it's worth paying for the privelege I'll get some MP3's together and start a myspace page.


Hugo Baron said...

Basically you can record songs for which you do not own copyright as long as no one actively profits from the recording. It's best in principle not to make covers available for download - just for listening. Check out Bob Folk's "Space Pirate" - a clever reworking of Bob Dylan's "The Times Are A Changing", and an example of a track that, if ever noticed by Columbia records, would get Baron Corp. sued to f*ck. It's at myspace.com/hugobaron.

Best wishes,

Hugo B.

Mark said...

Excellent - I look forward to hearing them!

david said...

Well get the myspace set up and be the next sandu thom...on seconf thoughts !!!!!!