5 February 2006

I've been tagged for the first time.

I've been tagged by Stuperhero Extraordinaire, it's the first time I've ever been tagged (that I've noticed anyway) so here goes.

Four Jobs I've had

Nursery Nurse
Phone Canvassar
Head Shop Counter Person
Plant Growing Person At Garden Centre

Four Movies I Watch Over And Over

A Clockwork Orange
Truly Madly Deeply
The Colour Purple
The Shining

Four Places I've Lived

I've only lived in 2 places so far and they are

Woking Surrey
The Isle Of Wight

Four TV Programmes I love

Quantum Leap
Judge Judy
The Mighty Boosh
Titty Bang Bang

Four Places I've Holidayed

The Isle Of Wight (before we lived here)
Gran Canaria

Four Of My Favourite Dishes

Chicken Korma
Real Pizza
Chinese Stir Fry Beef With Cashew Nuts
Home Made Soup

Four Sites I Visit Daily

The soon to be gone Korova Milk bar

Surf Junky
My Space

Four Places I'd Rathe Be Now

New Zealand

Four Bloggers I'm Tagging


The Spicy Cauldron
Infinite Muppets

That was actually really hard, and I can't believe I had to put Myspace as a site I visit everyday. There is a gazoo in the next post down for anyone on Blogazoo.


instantloser said...

i LOVE judge judy. she's such an amazing ball busting brilliant bitchy lady. have you ever seen this?:
hours of possibilities with that one...

Allie said...

Was surfing around and found your blog thru Brit blog.... and I thought it is pretty interesting!
Will pop around again...have a nice day! :o)

Euian said...

Alright, first time I've ever been tagged myself.