7 February 2006

Need More Ad-Sense clicks?

Just a quick post for anyone else who uses Ad-Sense, there's a traffic exchange for us now, we all visit each others sites and click each others ads if they are of interest.

I've been pleased with the results and would recommend it to anyone else who has Ad Sense or any other pay per click ads on their site, it would be good to see some more bloggers on there.

You don't surf as such you just click links and there's a short timer that counts down while you read the ads and decide whether to click them. If you're interested click the banner above or here.

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Spicy Cauldron said...

The big problem with AdSense is it is Google, that company owns and runs it; after reading so much about what is going on in China with Google supporting and actively engaging with the Chinese government in censoring material on its search engine and helping the government with its 'enquiries', I really can't support much of what Google has to offer. Not even the search engine - I've taken to using clusty.com instead. x