4 February 2006

Answer to a question about the doll on my altar.

The post title is a link to a good page giving lots of information about Brigid the celtic godess the doll represents, she's the Goddess of child birth and healing amongst many other things.

If I'd had the materials I could have made one out of straw as is traditional and she should have a wand tipped with an acorn (mine isn't yet, just a plain wand) as a fertility symbol. She is dressed as a bride waiting for the sun god Lugh to return, that is why she is in bed.

I have also joined a pagan banner exchange and the only place I could put the banners was in my footer, so please take a look at them and give them a click if you see anything of interest.

And G-A-Z-O-O


Anonymous said...

lovely blog. Chanced by it from Ravens bog. Have a nice day

Maethelwine said...

Thanks for the reply. I'd heard of Brigid, but not that she was ritually represented by a doll or as waiting for Lugh. I remember something about straw crosses and confusion with a saint, from years and years ago.

infinitemuppets said...

Hiya -

Thanks for your message.

Thing is, I'm dead new to this, and don't actually know what 'tagging' means, so when you say that 'you've tagged me', I'm thinking, "I reckon that's probably a good thing, but I don't know why!"

Couldn't find an email address for you, so apols for replying here!

You said you had some questions. MORE than happy to help where I can but, again, I'm dead new to this so, er...I don't know where the questions are! Have you put/posted/mailed them somewhere that I should know about?

Sorry for the utter rubbishness, but better that than I pretend I've the faintest idea I know what I'm talking about.