25 January 2006

Eclectic Wiccans

I joined a wiccan web ring called "Ecclectic by Tradition" at the end of last year you may have noticed the code at the bottom of the page, I'm still waiting in the approval que, but today I went and looked at the rest of the sites in the ring. I found some really good ones I'd like to share with you.

The Eclectic Wiccan has some recipes including one with a spell (Witch Bread) as well as lots of good links and a worrying article about lead candle wicks that is worth reading. It is a Geo Cities site but has a lovely layout and background.

NOMICON: the Complete book of Wiccan names contains loads of valuable information, infact a complete guide to choosing a craft name. I haven't chosen one myself yet so will be using this site myself, it's well laid out and easy to read.

All One Wicca offers a huge online book about Wicca that is very informative and I'll certainly be reading it later. Here's a Gazoo for everyone on who finds me surfing blogazoo.

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Euian said...

Hey thanks, I've never got a gazoo before. :)