24 January 2006

BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair defends benefits shake-up

I have mixed feelings about the proposed changes to incapacity benefit as I am a recipient technically, though I don't get the money I only get income support because of my national insurance credits. At the bottom of the article linked in the title a representative from "Sane" voices her concerns that this will make mentally ill people on benefits symptoms increase, if I'm forced onto a back to work scheme mine certainly will.

I'm on incapacity for social anxiety depression and insomnia, I'd love to be able to work but have trouble meeting strangers so need to work from home. I've searched long and hard for genuine work from home opportunity but all require some initial cash outlay I can't afford.

I'd like to get paid to write or read but even these opportunities seem to require payment of some type of fee for training materials etc. I do voluntary editing for Britblog which I can at least give as experience when applying for paid positions.

I don't know what these proposed "back to work" schemes will be all about but if they're anything like the governments other attempts at them they are sure to be useless. I'll just have to continue my hunt for paid work on the web I can afford to start.

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