22 January 2006

Random songs from my real player.

An idea I got from I used to think that was cute, choose the first 15 songs that come up at random from your music machine no matter how embarassing.

1. Wailing Sounds Screaming Lord Such
2. Observatory Crest Captain Beefheart
3. White Riot The Clash
4. Keep It Greasy Frank Zappa
5. Stink Foot Frank Zappa
6. Discipline King Crimson
7. Cars hiss By My Window The Doors
8. No End Sandy Denny
9. Reach Out I'll Be There
10. Don't Go Breaking My Heart Elton John and kikki Dee
11. Silent Night Silent Night
12. Love Cats The Cure
13. Geordie Sandy denny
14. I wanna be Loved Elvis Costello
15. Photo Shop Ian Anderson

Don't know where some of them came from but there you go, pass it on.

1 comment:

Dirty Butter said...

WOW! If these titles are any indication ... I'm glad I don't listen to current music! Most of them sound gruesome LOL.