29 January 2006

I'm at it again, autosurfing that is.

This is not an advertising blog and is not about to become one so don't worry, but having said that I'm just trying to start earning a living from home so would like to make this one post about auto surf sites.

I used auto surf sites before to try and make some money but gave up quickly as I took on too many sites at once, I've started again with just Studio Traffic 4 daily and Surf Junky. all these sites have a good reputation so I'm looking to build a downline with all of them, if anyone wants to sign up under me please do.

It's remarkably easy to do and you really can make a substantial amount of money with very little effort on your part, just an hour or so a day spent surfing traffic exchanges. The added bonus is you can also promote your own website while you earn, I promote this blog and the traffic exchanges I use.

If your unfamiliar with auto surf sites they are basically like manual traffic exchanges but you don't click anything, and the ones that pay you require you surf a minimum number of sites a day to earn money. Studio Traffic requires the most sites with 200 a day, 4 Daily only requires 40.

They can afford to pay you for this because they encourage people to upgrade, though you never have to upgrade you just earn money faster if you do, with studio traffic you start out with $10 in your account and you earn one percent of that a day, if you upgrade you obviously earn more and your earnings compound every month.

4 daily pays you 4 percent of your account level so your earnings build up quicker you just keep upgrading with your earnings until your earning enough every month to keep most of it. It takes a bit of patience but you can end up earning thousands a week from both of these sites.

Surf Junky is another autosurf site that pays you 45 cents an hour to run an auto surf screen in internet explorer, and that's just for starters you earn activity points which make your hourly earnings go up and they pay you when you reach $25. This one pays the most without ever asking you to upgrade, so sign up today I've already earned nearly $17. Blessings to anyone who does sign up under me at any of these sites.


George Orton said...


I am a member of two autosurf programs. This post serves like a testimonial that some do pay.

You just have to know or get recommendations like yours.

Thanks for the time being.

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...

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God bless.