10 October 2005

'Whole generation' lost in quake, and where is all the outside Aid?

BBC NEWS | South Asia | 'Whole generation' lost in quake

The BBC news is reporting that children have been the biggest casualties, they were killed when their schools collapsed. I'm watching this story on the television it's been 2 days and they are not getting enough outside Aid.

There are people still under the rubble and not enough rescuers to get them all out. Oxfam are only just sending relief, why has it taken so long? How many earthquakes have we had to learn from? The Aid should be getting there quicker than this.


Violence Worker said...

In a perfect world, no one would suffer from a disaster. Indeed, in a perfect world, there wouldn't be any disasters.

But this isn't a perfect world. Supplies might very well have been in the area and are now buried under tons of rubble.

In some places in the world where these things happen, there sometimes isn't much in the way of immediate relief supplies. Sometimes, highways and rail links are destroyed or rendered impassable by debris or by the disaster itself. Airports are either rare or often destroyed as well, especially in that part of the world.

The same is true even for a disaster in the USA. Trees over the roadways. No power, no information. Sometimes there just isn't a quick way in when an entire region the size of Minnesota (Katrina) is affected.

We all want to help. The company I work for has already ponied up a million dollars for the earthquake. I've given and have a button for Mercy Corps on my site.

The bottom line is this. It isn't the government's responsibility to provide you with immediate aid. It usually won't happen that way and if it does, consider yourself lucky. You need to be prepared wit at leasst 72 hours of water and food. It might take someone that long to reach you or longer.

Nancyrowina said...

Well I don't think they had any warning, since many of their children died because they were buried when their schools fell on them. They have told us they need our help, We have heat seeking equipment and could have got theri by air before 2 days was up is my point.
The reason for it is our combined governments are in crisis as this war is bankrupting them, they had no money to send people so they had to wait for the charity money to come in.

Luan said...

The lesson will never be learned…’cause if that were meant to happen it would have years ago and we would have never reached a stage where so many people loose their lives….sure they weren’t warned but I’m sure there are still enough people around to help out
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easywriter said...

It's a terrible thing, so much going on in the world and never enough help. I know no answers.

Violence Worker said...

First of all, it is not our governments primary responsibility to send anything, war or no war. The United Staes just sent hundreds of millions to Sumatra and other Tsunami hit area. We just had two major hurricanes ourselves and now this.

Again, if you have no airfields or roads, you cannot get equipment of any kind to the disaster. Another problem, when damage is wide spread, where do you start?

Equipment is another problem. OK, we get stuff there to find warm bodies. How do we get them out. There is hardly any of the big construction equipment in place to remove literally tons of debris.

We all want to save lives. We have one big problem. When Mother Nature unleashes unimaginable forces such as a Tsunami, earthquake, or storm, all we can do is ride it out and do what we can with what we have.

Nancyrowina said...

It's not "mother Nature" It's global warming, that Bush doesn't seem to think exists in his little fantasy world.
Please don't think I wished any Americans harm I felt terrible for you all honestly, but it did make Bush like a twat when he wouldn't sign up to the scheme for carbon monoxide emission reduction, then a huge hurricane hit America. And now there's been an Earthquake, and there was Tsunami as you say.