9 October 2005

Regarding My Post On President Bush

United States House of Representatives - Amendments to the Constitution

I made a post earlier about old G.W talking too much about Christianity when dealing with politics, indeed saying he invaded Iraq because God told him to.

Some people seem to think I was knocking Christianity, I wasn't we live in free society Bush can be whatever religion he wants.

If you don't understand what I was trying to say in my first post, read the first amendment to your constitution, (link at top of post) then hopefully you will get what I mean.

If he made a law because God told him to (the UN had to change a law to make this war legal, there is much debate about whether it is legal, and whether we started the war based on a lie). If he's doing it just because the people Islamic, or just for their oil, then I find it terrifying he is currently still the most powerful man in the world, as he should have impeached long ago.


Perfidio said...

You are absolutely right. George W. Bush has no right to justify the invasion of another country in the name of Christianity. Too many people have died already in the name of God.

willfe said...

Reading this gave me a quick giggle as I pictured people frothing at the mouth because you dared to knock their religions.

People are unbearably hypersensitive these days — I'm "agnostic," so a lot of religious arguments entertain my by default, but it's really hard to actually offend me with a religious discussion. Sure, a lot of it annoys me, but not much will make me annoyed enough to leave a room (I prefer to jump in and pour some gasoline on the conversation :).

It seems like these days you can't even talk about religion being inappropriate in certain circumstances without everybody jumping you for trashing their religions.

It doesn't help that it does tend to be Christianity that draws the most fire and has some of the more vocal, annoying defenders.

And to throw my two cents in on the actual issue at hand in your post, yes, I think it's insane that the supposed leader of the United States is motivated to lead an invasion because his god told him to do it. I don't care what religion you subscribe to, what name(s) you use for your god(s), etc., it needs to stay out of government. Religion belongs in the home (and in the church, I suppose), and precisely nowhere else.

Keep on writing! Let zealots fall all over themselves; in a way, the exposure is probably a good thing :)

JollyRoger said...

Many oif us here in the States understand all too well what El Shrubbo has in mind for the US.

He and his cohorts in the wingnut religious right want to turn the US into the Holy Republic of Jesusistan.

The religious nut that tries to force his or her way on all others is the biggest hypocrite around, and obviously never read what Christ has to say on the subject. But Jesusistanis really aren't all that big on the teachings of Christ anyway.