8 October 2005

My Flat Has Grown Filthy

All my recent blogging activity has meant the cleaning in my flat has been forgotten about, my Kitchen floor is appalling.

Typing 2

I'm moving In a couple of weeks too so it's important I get the place sorted out so I can pack, I also have to finish my story for the Blog Advance forum which I have started, She's given us an extra day to finish them, so I have no excuse. There's a referral contest over there at the moment too, so if you are not a member already I'd appreciate your signing up under my link. Their user groups over at their forum a new and original idea, the one I'm in (the writers one) is very active and useful.

I've also changed my stat counter, as I wasn't happy with the old one, which means I'm starting all over again with my number of visitors recorded. I've also inserted my Keeper of the Gazoo's badge, there was one and I will be hosting them regularly for you all.

If you've no idea what a Gazoo is you obviously aren't a member of "Blogazoo" yet, it's one of the best blog specific traffic exchanges out there, so join now!

The BritBlog Directory is increasing in size all the time now, I'm adding new blogs everyday.


Morris said...

I find you to be a very wonderful person. I know you will do great things someday! Hang in there...

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

*Skittles* said...

Nice Gazoo!! ;)

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