12 October 2005

Blogs vie with news for eyeballs

The BBC are reporting that bloggers ARE reliable news sources, and the news sites are going to incorperate blogs into their sites, and Yahoo is including them on their searches. Lets just hope they aren't going to expect us to do their reporting for them for free.

It says in this article they used photo's on their site taken by members of the public, it doesn't say whether they paid them.

But this is definately the first step forward, soon the organised media will be a thing of the past, and Bloggers will rule the world!

Ha Ha Ha

Couldn't find a smiley that showed manical laughter, sorry.


alwayscrashing said...

If people use Spy Media they can get paid for use of their photographs by newspapers and websites.

Of course the sneaky buggers to ask people to send in mobile phone photos for nothing during breaking news....

Nancyrowina said...

yes that's what they are doing, taking advantage of people who don't realise they should get at least £200. They were photo's from within the tube train that had exploded, a real photographer would have got thousands for them I'm sure.

Gary said...

Bloggers rule the world. I am laughing so hard my side hurts.

Wait till one of those camera phone uses gets sued for taking photos of the wrong person. Then the phone manufactures will start thing about them being next on the food chain of laywers.

The Phoenix said...

It's amazing how far blogging has come. Started out as just an online diary, and now bloggers out there are real, professional writers and journalists.

Pretty cool.