5 October 2005

I Have Cured The Sidebar.

The problem seems to be since I set my blog to only display 5 posts my sidebar just isn't long enough for everything I had in it. Sad

I'm Gradually adding all the things that were in it back, but I'm going to have to get rid of some of the links, I'll only be adding ones that are required. There's still room for my blogroll fortunately, and the weather Pixie and my favourite blinkys aren't going. I've already deleted the shout out box and Random Surrealism Generator, I want to keep some of my pretty precious things.

I have a stat counter at the bottom of my Blog and it gives me some quite detailed stats on my visitors including Key words people use to find the place. For ages I was getting no visitors from search engines, but I have diligently gone round registering with them and am finally getting people finding my blog and visiting.

Though the Keywords they used are weird, for a couple days a person in Washington has been typing the word "array" into technorati blog search engine and coming to my blog where it's in a post I made earlier about BritBlog. They've been staying for almost an hour every time, it's really doing my head in, what can possibly be the purpose of that? If you are here and reading this please tell me in a comment.

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WDKY said...

I'm not sure of the answer to this, but I've been getting exactly the same thing on mine. Weird!