4 October 2005

Comedy legend Ronnie Barker dies!

I have always been a great fan of Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett, and though most of their comedy was light hearted compared to what I'm into now days, it saddened me to read of Ronnie Barkers death at the age of 76.

Many people have spoken of how great he was already, including Michael Parkinson, the thread title is a link to the BBC article, with links to his obituary and other tributes.

I hope this means they will show "The Two Ronnies" again, they are always showing "porridge" anyway.

I thought this picture of him with Richard Beckinsale would be fitting, as he tragically died very young didn't he, I wonder if they are together on a set of a prison cell in heaven?


Clublint said...

Hey there Nancy. I'm currently entering your info into the new BlogAdvance directory and couldn't help stopping and having a read about this and holy crap can you believe he's dead?

I remember watching the Two Ronnies on channel 2 in Australia and I can even remember a serial they had on there called "The Worm Turns".

A brilliantly funny man and it's a bloody shame.


ps: the word I had to type was eolqrdbb. I like letting people know what they forced me to type. :D

Abdul said...

I love the Open All Hours series he did.

Nancyrowina said...

I loved "Open All Hours" too, and "Porridge" they are both still showing in England now. I want them to show "The Two Ronnies" again.