5 October 2005


I just found a lovely new blog called Teasire It's a blog about tea, and I can't believe a British person didn't do it first!I Don't Get It

The Author posts about a company that is actually producing tea in Britain, which as he points out is a first, as our climate is so cold and hostile. They must be using Green Houses or it wouldn't work, I must try this tea to see how good it is, the company is called Tregothnan Tea.

The implications for fair trade are good if we can produce tea here, pressure can be put on tea companies to produce their own tea here instead of sourcing it from abroad and paying unfair prices to the growers for it.


Scrawler said...

Just wanna say I've moved again lol! Between you and me is no more and I'm now at http://www.bloglegion.com/scrawler :)

I go through stages of either tea or coffee. Coffee is winning right now but will check out the link ;)


Nancyrowina said...

The English tea is bloody expensive, nearly £10 a box, but I'd like to try it just to know what it's like.

Siel said...

You can win free yummy fair trade tea -- and coffee too -- by joining the Starbucks Challenge!

I'm an aspiring writer too :) Currently blocked though :( Really like the "I don't get it" image! Cute!