27 September 2005

So Many Blogs.

I've just approved hundreds more blogs for the Brit Blog Directory and me and Mark are working on a reviews section for the site, so I've been very busy.


If you're interested be sure to check out the site, only British people can be listed I'm afraid but anyone can search the directory, there have been some really good blogs added and the reviews section is going to be good. Mark will be contacting everyone who has volunteered to be an editor so we always have lots of current and varied reviews, check The Brit Blog Blog for more up to date information and to make any suggestions about the reviews section.

Dirty Butter over at Plush memories asked people to share thier memories of childhood toys, I still have my first ever toy so I decide to share an image of him with you. He's a Polar bear called "Polax" I got him when I was born, so he was my first ever material possession. He's named "Polax" because I couldn't say Polar Bear when I first started playing with him apparently, I don't remember.


Dirty Butter said...

Thanks so much for sharing Polax with us! I wish Blogger allowed commentors to add their pictures to our blog, but I haven't been able to figure out a way to get that to work.

Are the eyes rubbed off, or just hidden in all the fur? He does look like he's been well loved, that's for sure, and good for you for keeping him all these years.

If anyone else wants to share your memories of childhood toys, just come on over to our Plush Memories blog.

Nancyrowina said...

A little boy I new when I was about 3 pulled his eye's out! He used to have glass eyes (well they were plastic as he's manufactured in the late 70's I imagine). I'm thinking about trying to replace his eyes, I have an address for a woman who restores toys. I want her to restore my Shirley Temple Doll, there's a picture of her in the archive of my doll blog, if you click my profile there's a link to it in there, I collect dolls you see.

Scrawler said...

I wish I had a piccie of my bear to share ;( Anyway, lol, I tried the ads plugin in which was ok but I found another one which solved the problem I had: No Java. It means you can pick and choose which java you allow and it has helped no ends with the sites I had trouble with. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl , nice site. Oh my what a cuddle bear you have there. I had a doll named,"Chatty Cathy". My parents thought it fitting for me because I was such a babbler at a very early age. Ha.

SMILZ dorothy@womensselfesteem.com

Akasha said...

that is so cute. you still have your first bear. i wonder where my first doll is. but it has been thousand of years ago...