25 September 2005

Heavy Blogging Week.

I've written a lot on my blog this week, hope everyone has enjoyed it, I've posted a couple of reviews of chocolate and books, including "The Real Frank Zappa Book." I'm trying to make my content better to attract more readers, so let me know if there's anything I can do to make my blog a better place for you to come. I've deleted the shout out box from my sidebar, since no one uses it, everyone just comments, which is fine with me.

I've also spent some of today downloading extentions for my firefox browser too, I recommend some of the blogging extensions you can get, there's a blogger toolbar for your browser! It's brilliant, you never have to use the blogger button on your blog to post again, and you can blog the web page you are viewing with one click.
I got an extension that lets me post smilies! Bounce 2, though not easily I must say. I have to copy and paste the html from another place to get them to post in blogger, I've posted a comment on the firefox site, hopefully the designer will work out why and fix it. It is annoying as it works perfectly in all the forums I post in.

I also have an extension now that lets me monitor my adsense ads progress, I'm still not a millionaire. Any clicks on them are greatly appreciated, you don't have to buy anything, just click them.

I also downloaded a new theme for firefox, so I've got cats on all my browser buttons now, all makes the web experience more pleasant, if I new how to take a screenshot in firefox I'd post a picture.


Mama Mouse said...

Hi Nancy~ Stopping by to say hi! Gizmo is a great name for a cat ... I know, we had one too, many years ago! Hmmmmmm .... or maybe that was the parakeet! Not sure anymore ... its been a LONG time! LOL

VirusHead said...

Do you really live on the Isle of Wight - I hope it's not too dear? Yes, I'm an American idiot and the only thing I know about the Isle of Wight is from an old Beatles song. Sad, ain't it?

Nancyrowina said...

Yep I live in Ryde on the Isle Of Wight.

The Phoenix said...

Wow...sounds like you've been busy.

My brother confessed Saturday that he bought the anti-oxidant boosted chocolates and ate them all.

Oh well, he said when he's at the natural foods store next time he'll buy more and make sure to get them over to me ASAP before he gobbles them up again.

Scrawler said...

Thanks for the tip about the Firefox plugin for ads. I've got the smilies but like you mentioned, it doesn't work for me to just click the image for it to be posted in. I got fed up of posting the code in all the time so I never used it very much. As soon as I downloaded the plugin for the ads I lost all my previous extensions and themes! So had to download them all again ;( I'll try using the smilies again, anyway even though some of them aren't showing up!

Gone Away said...

That has to be the most annoying smiley ever. ;)