1 October 2005

New Template.

I decided to change my template as the "blacker than the darkest depths of Hell" template was getting a bit much. I will sort out whatever is making the side bar go funny as soon as I can work out where the problem is in the html, it happened to my old template.

It's been a peaceful night, I'm having a drink and watching the telly and have been surfing on "Surf For The Earth" for the first time in ages. So my blog will be getting visitors from there from now on since I've added it, I also added my Blogazoo referral page so I'll hopefully get a few more downline members over there.

If you use click exchanges to get traffic to your blog I recommend "Surf For The Earth", it's not blog specific so you can advertise your referral pages too, you can choose what type of blogs you view so if you don't want to surf the business blogs you don't have too. There's also a fun feature while you surf "Ranger Bobs Word Safari" where you solve a word puzzle and win credits and focus points. You can donate your credits to a number of charities, and there are also contests quite regularly, It would be nice to have more blogs over there. The site design is really cute, the mascot "Ranger Bob" is a little Bobcat, and you can earn focus points for buying the merchandising.

If you do sign up, when you log in read the paragraph of text at the top of the page, and click the relavant link to choose what sites you browse, and make sure you put your blog in the relavant category when you add it, I'll see you there!
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LuAnnBB said...

I like your new template. Good luck with your downline generation!

Gary said...

I like the new template. Clean and easy to read.

WDKY said...

Those template changes are so tempting! I recently learned to my cost that you have to copy all the link info (and other sidebar "tweaks") so that you can paste them into the new template afterwards... worth knowing in advance!! Another tip - copy and paste the WHOLE template into Word so that it's there for "emergencies"! And do it each time you save any mdofications.

Oh, and hi!

Nancyrowina said...

I Did, only I saved it in note pad, and copied all my modifications from the sidebar, that's whats made it go funny. The same thing happened with my other sidebar, I managed to sort it out eventually.