15 March 2005

Nearly At A Thousand Visitors!

Since I installed my counter a week ago I've nearly reached a thousand visitors, so I'm very happy. I also noticed I'd been blog marked in a few places too, thanks to everyone who has.

Since this is a monumental night for this Blog, I should write something amazing and captivating to draw thousands of new visitors to my Blog.

But I've got writers block


I wanted to direct my readers to my Message Board

This is because there's a Quiz thread, rather than filling my blog with all the crazy Quiz's I've found, if you're really into that sort of thing, you can do them at my board. There's also some other fun threads, the place needs new members , please take a look.

Been watching a programme about over weight British teenagers trying to lose weight, the media seems to be full of programmes about people trying to lose weight. Indeed obesity is going to kill thousands of young people before there parents of this generation.

It's not something that I've ever really experienced, I apparently lost a lot of weight when I was 12 so people told me, and I liked that. I'm bigger than I'd like to be now, I don't do enough physical activity. I hardly even go out, I have a yoga DVD I need to start doing everyday.Now I've written it on my blog I'll feel more motivated I'm sure. I'm not seriously overweight or anything, but I wouldn't enjoy wearing a swimming costume at the moment! It was my new years resolution to do the damn DVD at least 3 times a week, I slipped somewhere.

Thanks for reading, maybe you are my thosandth visitor, check out the counter at the bottom to find out.

And take a look at Great cartoon site, inspired by actual spam email subject lines.

Makes me laugh anyway!

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Gunnar said...

If you've got writers block, i have made a tool for you:

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