22 March 2005


Well I had a crazy adventure last night, no dope (meaning cannabis) all day, then suddenly a guy turns up with weed, better hash than the current quality and coke! Boy did I click up a lot of credit at traffic exchanges!

I slept, but Vinny couldn't, so I woke this morning to find him drinking lynx (a super strength cheap larger tramp drink) he really annoys me when he's drunk on that shit, and he didn't get to sleep till about 2 o'clock this afternoon. The worst thing is he smoked all the hash while I was asleep, so I haven't had a joint all day, still waiting for him to get back with more.

I hate not having a joint, just managed to find a bit of shade (lower leaves of a cannabis plant, not so strong) it's rough.

Earlier I had a bit of a coke come down hallucination, there's a doll that stands behind my computer monitor, and I thought I saw it move! That very rarely happens to me, but it's always exciting when it does!

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an orange said...

Haha! I like your traffic exchange clicking comment.