15 March 2005

Nice Poem On This Blog

The Dook

I really liked the poem in the second post down, reminds me of Christian, who's the man I'm not supposed to be talking about on here anymore.

I had a weird dream about him the other night, the first time I've dreamed about him, which is strange, considering how much I used to think about him. In the dream I met him in "Superdrug" which is weird. He spoke to me, he just gave me some crappy excuse as to why he wasn't talking to me, I can't remember his exact words. The strangest thing was as I walked away he seemed to grimace, like he wanted to stop me, but he didn't. As I walked away I felt really heavy, and I walked really slowly, because I could hardly move, but I didn't turn around to look at him, before I left the shop, and I walked up the high street a bit before I woke up.

Strange I should dream about him now, when I wanted to I couldn't, now i won't mention him again until something else weird happens.

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Deek Deekster said...


that IS crazy but i like it :)

you feel "slow" or "heavy" in dreams because your motor functions are inhibited during sleep which stops lions from finding and eating you while you are unconscious.