7 February 2005

This had better all pay off.

Spent most of the day clicking traffic exchanges, joined another downline builder, the flat is filthy so been getting up in between and doing the washing up. I'm seriously promoting all my programmes now, didn't realise NoBS zone wasn't on my profit rally rotator, no wonder I've had no refferals!

I'm turning into a hermit here, I hardly go out at all, unless we need washing done or I have to hand in a sick note. I desperately need money, but couldn't work for anyone else again, not for the wages they pay here anyway.

The PTR sites pay too slowly, but at least it will be worth it in the end, if I invest that money wisely upgrading things I'll start to make money hopefully, it's all so uncertain though.

Finished the kitchen now anyway, just have to clean the living room, hope Vinny gets back with a new car so we can go shopping, (old one had to be scrapped). We've got no vegetables left, we'll never get over this cold if we don't eat some vitamins! time for my computer break while I watch the simpsons.

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