7 February 2005

depressing mood swings.

Vinnys been out since before 1 this afternoon, now its nearly 9.00pm, I'm getting sick of this, he only seems to come up here to eat and sleep with me. We don't really have a lot in common, nothing to talk about. His phones not working either so I've no idea where he is, but I guess he's eaten, as he'll be starving by now.

I've been thinking about splitting up with him for a while, but I'm dependent on him now, I hate it when this happens.

If I do leave him I'll be single again, not that that would bother me too much, I owe him loads of money, so we'd have to stay friends. I can't carry on like this, but if I lose Vinny then I'll have nothing to distract me from Christian, but on the other hand, it might be because he's heard I've got a boyfriend that he's stopped talking to me. Bugger of a way to find out though!

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