20 July 2004

Ho Hum.

Well i'm going away again soon, that's a relief, get away from this damn Island for a while. Johnny's still not talking to me, his loss, hahaha. I hope we can talk again one day though, and he tells me what the hell I did.
When I go away at least I can forget about him for a few days, there's a load of cool people going, so it should be a great one. I'm so lucky really, to have such good friends, who are real! I shouldn't get so hung up over my internet friends, but it was different with Johnny, I'm really gutted its all gone weird, and just hope its something temporary.  Depends what kind of bloke he is really I suppose, whether he's stubborn enough, Dave held out for months I remember! with an internet relationship like this he could easily just forget about me, that would be hard. But I must keep remembering, the last thing he said to me was he's not angry, He just needed time to sort his head out. He's taking a bloody long time about it! Which isn't promising, or maybe it is, I just don't know. I'm thinking this is his way of dumping me, which is a downer, since we never even met! I have a feeling about him though, I know I will meet him, and something good will come of it. I just hope I'm not deluding myself, I hope he doesn't turn up and become a complete nightmare I wish I'd never met! I don't know what to do now, all I can do is wait now.

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