20 July 2004

back again

Starting to like having a place I can just come and type my thoughts self indulgently, it's cool, and easier than hand writing with a Parker pen! I can just come here at any hour and write what the hell I like and, there's very little chance any bastard will ever read it, there are so many out there.
The internet is a strange place, people can hide and create whole new characters for themselves, and try to mess with you if they want. But there are some good folk out there, and its amazing to talk to people all over the world like I do. And I've made some friends, though they are shadowy and weird sometimes! I always seem to find the weirdo's, probably because I am one, we are attracted to each other cosmically perhaps.
I shouldn't worry so much about people, only they can sort there own shit out at the end of the day. And its there loss if they lose contact with me isn't it really?

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