19 July 2004


Well the past few days have been weird, other people are so strange. I can see why people become hermits now, maybe I will. Go and live in a cave somewhere, and eat berries and nuts and what vegetables I can cultivate. and drink rainwater, and trap small animals to cook on a fire.
Just have to wait now till Johnny decides he wants to talk to me again, weirdo that he is.
I hope the silly bastard is going to sort his shit out and make it over here ok, if he doesn't I will feel partially responsible. If I hadn't been involved, i'm sure his head would be less done in, poor sod. It's so difficult to deal with him when I can't look him in the eye's and talk to him and he can just hide from me like this. If he doesn't talk to me tomorrow or the day after he won't be able to, unless he rings me. That's if he gets to England! God I wish he'd just talk to me.

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