21 July 2004

sob sob

I just deleted all johnnys PM's, it was harder than I thought it would be after the way he's acted. He sounds so loving in some of them, I wonder now if it was just some way to scam me. Good knows how, I've got nothing but a place for him to stay if he wanted it and my love if he deserved it. Suppose that's enough for some blokes. This is so gutting for me, I really thought there was something between me and this guy, but I'm obviously dispensible to him really. There's a chance he's just getting his head together, but I'm really starting to doubt that now. He's blown me out for sure, and I don't really understand why, if he was telling me the truth about not being angry. I hate it when any kind of relationship ends with no closure, even this one with a geezer I'd never even met. I must be a complicated person to have such a complicated life. 

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