21 June 2012

Expose Your Blog.

Many of my readers will have probably first found my blog through the old blog traffic exchanges like Blog Explosion and Blogazoo, they were a good source of traffic for bloggers and increased readership, sadly those sites have all gone now.

But don't despair there is another Blog Only traffic exchange I've found, Expose your blog has a long timer so visitors definitely read your blog. There is currently a weekly referral and surfing contest too (see the sites forum for more details) so sign up now and start recruiting your blog readers.

If you've never heard of a traffic exchange before let me explain, you add your blog and once it's approved you surf "other peoples blogs reading each one for 30 seconds (or more if it grabs your attention) you then click a button to move onto the next blog and earn credits as you surf. The ratio on expose your blog seems tight at first but there are bonus credits that appear as banners and about every 10 pages theres a verification page where you earn bonus credits. If your looking for traffic to your blog it's a good place to start. Also make sure you remember to surf at least 5 blogs to activate your blog when you sign up, I recommend surfing more in fact to gain as many credits as possible.

For more advice on increasing blog traffic see my other post on the subject:

My Tips On Increasing Blog Traffic


Don said...

Thanks Nancy for the great review! I'm glad you are liking the traffic EYB! gives you and I hope it continues to flow your way with great readers and commenters.

Friar Don, OBR

Petro Neagu said...

Thanks for the tips, Nancy. I'll definitely check this out :)


Anji said...

Thanks for the lovely write up!

Looking for new blogs to read? ExposeYourBlog!