24 June 2012

Arthur Of Albion - Book Review

Arthur of Albion is a beautifully illustrated version of the King Arthur Stories for children, an excellent book for older boys (or girls) interested in Knights. Published by the wonderful Barefoot Books company.

It is set out as a sequence of stories told each night at the round table, as King Arthur requires one of his Knights to tell a tale of valor and adventure every knight before dinner.

It is written by John Matthews illustrated by painter Pavel Tatarnikov and is truly breathtaking, the hardcover edition comes with a map folded up in the back showing the lands of Albion (or the UK as we know it now) in the days these stories were first told.

It would make a fantastic gift for children who are confident readers or to be read aloud to younger children, The way the stories are told makes it an excellent book for reading aloud one story a night for example.

Arthur Of Albion Available on Amazon.



Abbigayle Rashae said...

This looks adorable!

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-XO Abbigayle Rashae

Anji said...

Happy Birthday!

It does look like an interesting book, I like the idea of a story a night, not always easy to find a good place to stop when reading a good night story.

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