21 January 2012

Are Cameron's Tories worse than Thatcher's?

Saw Labour Blogger and Tweeter Dr Eoin Clarke ask this morning "Why are Cameron's Tories worse than Thatcher's?" and it got me thinking, are they really? I'm actually struck by how much history appears to be repeating itself, and would say they are pretty much the same really. I'm still quite dumbfounded that people voted for the Tories again anyway, and now appear to be shocked at what they are doing. I mean look at the above picture of our current prime minister when he was young chap at Oxford during the Thatcher era, did anyone REALLY think it was going to be any different this time than it was under Thatcher?
If anything I think it's harder for this government and better for us this time as the advent of social media makes it easier for us to share our views with a wider audience, organize ourselves and protest what is happening. The strength of the recent "Spartacus Report" shows this, the media didn't cover it at all but we still managed to influence the government just through the strength of blogging and social media alone. So even if they can control the mainstream media we can still access other sources of information and find out the story from many different angles and form our own opinions, and when there are so many people it is harder for them to label us a few "fanatics" or "extremists". They have to actually listen or no one will vote for them next time it's as simple as that, they must be shitting themselves constantly. Look what it did to Tony Blair, he seemed to age about 20 years over the course of his government.

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