13 August 2010

Will be back to posting here tomorrow.

Well technically later today I haven't been to bed yet.

I Still haven't smoked it's been about a month now so I deserve a pat on the back for that, I stopped taking the champix after the first week as it did make me depressed.

But I'm OK now as I stopped taking it and am back on my old antidepressant, I've had a lot of personal tragedy this year as well as starting to study for my OU degree, this is why I haven't been able to give the blog all the attention I would like to.

I haven't even posted pictures of my renaissance faire costume or any of my chilli's like I normally do every year, my followers must be wondering what's going on. I have the photo's I promised of the new baby pigeons that I will post tomorrow, and I'll get some photo's of the purple chilli's to go with them.

And to close, maybe what EastEnders should have thought about before bringing on the crack.

Should of had him start with a softer gateway drug at least shouldn't they? Still one of the funniest things I've seen all year, Phil on Crack.


Raven said...

Congrats on the not smoking for a month!

Those baby pigeons are adorable. Thanks for the pic.

Sharon Amber Damnable said...

yes Phil on crack was very funny