24 July 2010

4 Days Without Smoking

I've now gone 4 days without smoking and am starting to feel the benefits, didn't post on days 2 and 3 as there wasn't much to report really.

The past 2 nights I have dreamt that I smoked and been really annoyed about it which is strange, but during my waking hours I have managed to resist temptation.

Now I've just got to stick to my diet and try and lose some weight. I want to lose one or two stone as the doctors say my weight is OK for my height, but I have a "muffin top" in size 12 jeans now and there's no way I want to go out and buy new size 14 jeans!

Pigeons have laid eggs in my window box again, didn't realise they bred twice in a year. I think these two may be the two or at least one of the babies from the last eggs. I will definitely post pictures when the eggs hatch, there are two again.

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Raven said...

Congrats on the 4 days without smoking. I am planning to quit sometime soon as well.