22 May 2010

Pigeon nesting in my window box has delayed the planting of my tomatoes, Typical.

Quick note to blog explosion members, the numbers appear to be working again, so get in and surf while you can!
Most of my Tumbling Tom's are ready to go out now but the ones I was going to plant in my window box this year are being held up. As a charming pigeon family has moved in to last years window box I hadn't emptied yet.

This has delayed the installing of my newer bigger window box which should be full of tumbling toms by now. which is annoying but also quite cute, We think this one is the male one and I'll try to get a picture of the female one and the two eggs when they are off the nest. A lot of people hate pigeons and it's true they can cause disease with their faeces but I couldn't shoo them away when they made there nest there.

Tonight I've re potted all my chilli's too which can be seen at the front, and at the back more chilli's and the Tomato plants that have to go out. That's not all the tomato plants I have either there's more in the kitchen that will need re potting soon. You can also see my "grow your own tree kit" I got from amnesty internationals Christmas catalogue, 4 have come up. They are Silver Birches, I'll just have to find somewhere to plant them when they are big enough which won't be for a while.
I'm trying to get my costume for the renaissance faire done in time but I don't have enough fabric to make the skirt or the sleeves at the moment so we'll have to see what happens. Were stony broke at the moment but I might be able to afford to get 2 more metres of fabric before the event but that's only 9 days away now. Check out the Ren fest site here if you're interested.

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Anji said...

It's lovely to think that they nested so close to people being around. They must have sensed that they could trust you. I must put a picture up of the eucalyptus I've grown from a packet of supermarket seeds.

The plants all look well, hopefully you'll soon be eating some of your tomatoes. I hope that you get the rest of the fabric you need in time (If you've got a posh Oxfam nearby how about curtains, if they've got any suitable - think Gone With the Wind)