22 April 2010

Tarot Links.

My studying of the Tarot cards recently has led me to some great websites, but it's quite hard to find websites on Tarot that are currently being updated so I decided to start my own list of sites.

Ravens Tarot Site is for you if you are a fan of The Thoth Deck with descriptions for each card and lots of other information.

Learning The Tarot Is great free site by Joan Bunning with a complete course on Tarot using the Rider Waite Deck, great for beginners and people with some experience with the cards alike.

Sasha's Tearoom Is a nice site and the author does a blog talk radio show. There's also a page of Tarot meditations and information on a wide variety of subjects including astrology aromatherapy and chakras.

The Shining Tribe is the website of the Tarot Author Rachel Pollack, she wrote "The 78 Degrees of wisdom parts 1 & 2" the popular Tarot Books.

The Tarot Guild is a new Tarot Community for people all over the world with free forums and a profile page and blog for all members, well worth Joining if you are interested in the Tarot Pleaase add me as friend if you join my page is here.

Tarot Moon Press is a promising word press blog on Tarot (where I borrowed the graphic above) with lots of great course materials for free if you can't afford a donation well worth a look.

The Tarot Institute has whole page of free tarot materials including a printable tarot deck to colour yourself, several out of print books to download, you can also download the entire Rider Waite deck, and get the major arcana in black and white to be coloured in by you. There's also a few free short courses in Tarot.

I will add more links as I find them, I'm on the lookout for an active free UK based Tarot Community, if anyone knows of one please leave a comment.

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