19 April 2010

Found The Pattern For My Rennaissance Festival Costume This Year.

I've Ordered the pattern I'm going to use for my costume this year off eBay from a great shop called Pattern Kingdom, they have loads of great ren fest patterns. I'm planning to make the purple one in the biggest picture as the pattern has three variations. It has the pattern for the bag and head scarf and everything I can't wait for it to arrive, though the volcanic ash from Iceland is probably playing havoc with air mail (it's coming from America) it won't take too long to arrive.
I've already got the fabric for the skirt, it's black with lots of small gold stars, and I'm looking for some purple fabric for the top, it also looks like I'll need some black velvet too. I'll post pictures of what the results look like as I progress, fingers crossed it will look like the picture...
The Tarot study is going well too, I've joined a site called the Tarot Guild that has a lot of good free resources for tarot readers both students and more experienced professional readers. click here to view the site and join if you wish, and if you do please add me as a friend or leave a comment on my profile.

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Anji said...

I wish I could sew.... Looking forward to seeing the pics.