13 September 2009

Starting Winter Lettuce And Spinach

I've finally got a plot to grow vegetables in from the adopt a garden scheme they are running locally. It's a bit late in the season but I got a packet of winter lettuce with a gardening magazine I buy and am starting some spinach. The lettuce seeds are coming up (you can see three in the back row) but the spinach seeds haven't done anything yet, it's only been a 2 days though so something is bound to happen soon.

I sent off for some new chilli seeds today I've ordered a mixture of "Scotch Bonnet" seeds as the TV chefs seem to keep going on about them so I want to see what all the fuss is about. I also chose variety that gives multicoloured chilli's called "Numex Twilight" the chilli's grow yellow orange and red as well as purple according to the photo's. I'm getting a variety that grows purple chilli's called "Purple Tiger" as well, and variety that has dark leaves and the chilli's grow black before turning red called "Black Pearl".

I can't wait it's time to strat growing them again as I'm really getting into growing chilli's, I'm amazed by how many varieties there are and how ornamental the plants can be.

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