8 September 2009

New Wine Kit.

I started a new wine kit that claims to be drinkable in 7 days, it remains to be seen whether that's true or not, but it's certainly fermenting well. In fact it is fermenting so well it's bubbling up the airlock, I perhaps should have left more room at the top of the demijon when I filled it up.
It's called "Solomon Grundy's seven day wine kit the box has the slogan "started on Monday drunk by Sunday!" and it's Bilberry flavour wine apparently.
I'm sceptical as to whether it will really be at it's best after seven days as you have to add chemicals to these kits to stop the wine fermenting and clear it, and if you leave them just as long as the instructions say I find I can still taste them.
I also have an Elderflower wine kit to start off, that takes at least a month the last one I had (which was strawberry) I left for another month after adding the finings and the taste improved a lot.

1 comment:

Brad Tucker said...

Those kits are pretty good, they make what they say. But this is definately not worth printing a vintage!

Let me know how this comes out?