30 August 2009

International Day Of The Disappeared.

Today is the 25th annual International Day For The Disappeared, thousands of people all over the world go missing for their political beliefs or what they stand for. These people are secretly imprisoned or perhaps even executed and their remains hidden, some have been gone for over 25 years.
Enforced Disappearance is a grave Human Rights violation and a crime, It is defined when the authorities take someone then deny they have them or that they ever took them. Enforced disappearances have occurred across the world - in Sri Lanka, Russia, El Salvador, Morocco, Iraq, Thailand, Pakistan, Bosnia, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt and Argentina, to name a few. No one is immune; victims have included men, women and children.
Imagine the agony of knowing the government or military have taken your loved one, even knowing where they probably are, and standing outside that place only to hear denial and be told to go home. and when you call the Police they are unhelpful and dismissive.
There are several things you can do today to help take action. Just Read This Page and take the actions at the bottom, and if you use twitter don't forget to tweet about it and change your facebook status.
And you can also click the button below to show your support.

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divinelight said...

I never knew about such a day. Good read...