23 July 2009


I digress from my series of posts about the death of Hendrix to write about Plums, yes that's right Plums. I discovered the fruits dropping on my boyfriends lawn and rotting were plums so I picked as many as I could, now I have tons and have to do something with them before they all go off, so this afternoon I'm going to try and make plum chutney. If it works well I'll post pictures and the recipe I used.

Update - I made the Plum Chutney, well it's still boiling and has been for an hour and a half, it took nearly two hours just to chop the vegetables and stone the plums. Now I'm just worried I won't have enough glass jars to put it all in, and you apparently can't eat chutney for at least a month as the vinegar tastes too strong so I can't even force my friends and family to eat what I can't get into jars.

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