24 July 2009

Blog Explosion Members, The Site Needs Volunteers To Help Approve New Blogs

I volunteered and became an editor yesterday and found they have huge backlog of blogs to be approved, there were over 1000 sites waiting when I started. More people are definitely needed to help get on top of the situation so if you have some free time and would like to see more new blogs while you are surfing Blog Explosion please consider volunteering. Even if a few of us only approved 20 blogs a day we could get it under control in no time.

The best part about it is once you are accepted they give 5 credits per blog you approve so you end up with tons of credits you can put back into the site by starting Battles over in the Battle Of Blogs Section and applying to your own sites and banners.

If you're interested in helping then see this thread in the Blog Explosion Forums and PM the relevant admin member.

1 comment:

Laura said...

Sent in a note about volunteering. Wouldn't have known about it except for reading about it here on your blog. :)