18 May 2009

Web Hosting Geeks

I’ve just found a Website called “Web Hosting Geeks” that reviews and allows it’s users to rate and review Web Hosting services so people can always find the best one straight away. You can browse the Web Hosts under many different of categories including multiple domain hosting, dedicated server hosting and even Green Web Hosts which have apparently become more popular and common over the past few years.
Some of Web Hosts in this section have started off Green and others have gradually made the switch by introducing more environmentally friendly practices like recycling office waste and using Bio Fuels for heating, eventually they update their data centres so the servers run off alternative energy like Solar wind and geothermal sources, so you can do your bit for the planet even when choosing a web host these days.
The web hosts are ranked by their price and value ratio, reliability, uptime, key features and bonus features, as well as the quality of the customer support, and of course the user feedbacks of real people, they also take into account any web hosting awards they have won. So I highly recommend the site if you are looking for a new web host it’s easy to navigate and has a number of categories for whatever combination of different features you need.

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