5 May 2009

Flu Fashion N95 Masks

There’s a new trend just in time for Swine Flu Season, “Flu Fashion N95 Masks” so no more of those ugly disposable masks for us, apparently they are designed to stop the wearer spreading the flu rather than to prevent them catching it anyway.
They even come in a variety of prints and colours including faux fur and actually contain a respirator mask that really filters out the particles that can give you the flu so they actually offer you real protection without making you look like a member of the cast of some post apocalyptic disaster movie. They fit closely to your face to ensure air is inhaled through the filter to ensure complete protection, and you'll look cool. For more information on the masks themselves Click here to view mask designs.

What will they think of next?


MOJOPHENIA - Mind Over Music said...

Gonna get me a tie-dye one or maybe yellow/blue paisley.

R.DaLomba said...

That's funny. I like it.