1 May 2008

Human Rights For China

Yet another Amnesty International campaign but one that is sorely needed click here or on the banner in my side bar to join their campaign for human rights for china. You can add your own banner to your profile or blogs and send email to help stop the death penalty (which is applicable to 68 crimes in China) and help end the torture of Bu Dongwei prisoner of conscience and because of his religion, demand Justice for Huang Jinqui a journalist imprisoned for "subversion", and campaign for the release of Hu Jia A human rights activist plus several other human rights activists, all from the one page. It will only take a few moments and Amnesty's campaigns have been successful time and time again so it really is worth your time.


SandyCarlson said...

Thanks for highlighting this.

Happy BYB Sunday.

荆棘鸟 said...

I am chinese in ShangHai,China. maybe you mistake chinese. All of chinese are living well, some human rights maybe improvement, but it's enough now. we believe in China government.