1 November 2007

Pagan Books - Review - The Crystal Bible.

I bought this book The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals last year and have found it invaluable it’s by Judy Hall an internationally known author astrologer psychic and healer. Published by Godsfield it is one of a series of mind body and spirit books also including “The Yoga Bible” and "The Dream Bible” among other titles.

If you are looking for information about crystals over 200 crystals and stones are listed, with beautiful clear colour photo’s of every one making it easy to identify any crystals you may have you can’t identify and there is also lot’s of information about each crystal.

It tells you how to cleanse and store your crystals as well as how to use them for meditation and for healing. At the back it has a glossary and index of ailments so you can find the right crystal for your needs easily. There is also a useful quick reference section telling you about crystals correspondences to the zodiac, chakra’s and aura’s plus how to make gem remedies. Lot's of useful information like that for Pagan and Wicca purposes too.

It is definitely the best guide to crystals and healing with crystals I’ve ever bought and probably the only one I’ll ever need I highly recommend it. Some of the photo’s are breath taking and I refer to it time and time again when choosing crystals for specific purposes definitely a very useful addition to anyone's library.

Find the book now on Amazon.


sasha said...

What a cool blog!

Even though I identify as an atheist, I'm always looking for ways in which to make our lives more earth-centered. Your altar is beautiful!

I'll be back!

Slutty McWhore said...

Hey, just accepted your "friend request" on "NaBloPoMo".

I'm not a pagan, although I am a Scottish, so maybe I was a Celtic druid in a past life, you never know!