1 November 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness.

I read on a Forum I moderate that the breast cancer awareness site is having trouble getting enough clicks to donate at least one mammogram a day to disadvantaged women, so I thought I would start NaBloPoMo with a post about them.
All you have to do is visit the site (post title is a link) and click the pink box once a day, it's free and you are helping people in desperate need of mammograms who wouldn't get them otherwise. So please visit the site and give it click it only takes a second and you are helping vastly.


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Online Cancer Guide Blog said...

Hi Nancy,

Where is the link? :-)

And most importantly some websites have a charity option for all these purchases. Yep, sounds good right!!

Each purchase of ours shall go to the breast cancer societies and foundations to help the needful, victims of the dreadful disease who are going through this painful journey helping them in their treatments and recovery programs.