18 November 2007

My Sunday Blessing-Cheese

I bought a new cheese board and knife set on Amazon which has prompted my blessing this week. I love cheese of all types whether it's melted on something or just on a cracker, or on it's own for that matter.

I've posted a picture of Brie which is probably my favourite cheese though it doesn't have a very strong flavour, it is creamy and I like it in a baguette with Avocado.

I also like smoked cheese there's a good one I got from Somerfield called "Bavarian smoked cheese" which is good if you like a strong flavoured cheese, I like strong cheese too especially cheddar, mild versions just don't cut it. I even found a website all about cheese , the post title is a link if you are interested.

It is amazing how many different varieties of cheese there are and how many ways you can serve and enjoy them, so here's to cheese, I'm off to have some now

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Beth said...

I love cheese too. In fact, I just had half of a calzone and smothered it in grated Parmesan cheese then thought to myself- "I eat meals with my cheese." Happy BYB.